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Originally Posted by Red Dot View Post
As for goggles I HIGHLY recommend Revision Desert Locust fan goggles with the prescription insert. I have them and zero fogging and all fields will allow you to play with them no problem and they easily take prescription lens with the adapter (something I am working towards myself). Not cheap at $150 but soooo worth the performance and peace of mind.
Ah, i should noticed it. I heard someone saying it dinit fit even the smallest glass. Here this review

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
Don't play in the forest. Go play at red devil's in kemptville. Every saturday, gates open at 8 am.
I could try this place.

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
If you go with an AK or M4 the gear options get a bit cheaper/less specialized.
Yeah, i better take this way. Far much easier for my life and it allows me to have better gear as well if i carefully pick a quality gun.

Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
I'm surprised no one mentioned it yet, but invest in a good pair of boots. It's definitely something you don't want to overlook, especially when playing in forested areas or area's with tricky terrain.
No sure but i know i already have boots for this case but i dont think snow boots counts. Better to check.

Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
Get a M4 10.5" > - Lots of people have them, you can share mags and what not. A lot of parts available aswell.

Everyone I know that has a KA P90 has had their selector blow up, thus resulting in permanent full auto all the time! Un-educated on this subject, but could be an easy fix?

Boots are a necessity, pick up a decent used pair at the surplus, I got mine from Army Issue, water proof for $55 tax in.

If you get a Revision Desert Locust use "FANS" for 30% off. Coupons float around on google.
Ah, a discount coupon. I should google harder. And i will get those googles, army boots and a m4 or SCAR or M16.

Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Let the guy get a P90. Its a good gun and is a beast when upgraded thanks to its gearbox.

There are enough M4's out there ffs.
I take as if you had enough seeing M4s users, right ?
There always a possibility the updated first gun might not even a M4 at all.

Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
That said, you might want to avoid airsoftqc store altogether. I won't start to explain why, there's been enough discussions on them already (you can search these forums if you're curious)
This is why i cant see the tokyo marui guns in this store and this is very suspicious as fuck.

Alright, time to revise my selection and discard the P90 into my wish list so i could swap back if i think so. I will check every guns once i could land in physical store.

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