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I would steer away from clone goggles.

Buy something reputable, from a known brand. ESS, Revision, Oakley, Smith Optics.. etc.

We're talking about your eyesight here - there is no excuse to cheap out.

You can spend 50-70$ on a pair of goggles that will last you a lonnnnng time. Clone goggles work but you will end up replacing them and nobody can be 100% sure they are up to par for stopping BB's, especially after multiple hits.

As others have suggest.. good footwear is a must. Something that is comfortable for you, that has ankle support, will be your best friend. Trust me, I started playing with steel-toe boots. Even just the extra ankle support saved me many times. I upgraded to a pair of surplus CF boots (can you even call that an upgrade?) and it was a great investment. $30 kept me from rolling my ankles on multiple occasions. You can spend a lot more and be even happier, but don't go out there in sneakers and hurt yourself!
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