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Arrow I am new here, there is my planned setup.

Hello everyone, i am about to start in airsofting and i wanted to know what is wrong or something better can be suggested at me.

I already started my age verification, i just sent PMs to testtube and sarosh.

Here my current setup within 840$ budget:

- Casque Emerson FAST Helmet ( PJ Type / Basic ) : 50$ CAD
- King Arms BB Loader ( 200 billes / Clear ) : 15$ CAD
- Courroie 1-Point Bungee ( Military Grade )) : 15$ CAD
- A.C.M. Mesh Face Guard - BLACK : 15$ CAD

Feel free to offer suggestions, advices and changes to my planned plan. And yes, i am well aware the asking of my budget. The problem, i also need to be age verified to find any better guns for best prices i could find so i could buy much more.

I list what i think would help you suggesting something for me :

- I am smaller than average and i do like flexibility and i like also have a sidearm as backup.
- I would love to get everything under 600 $ or 700 $ if possible.
- I live in Canada, a lot of forests places and also harsh cold winter, so BIG NO-NO at gas handguns but CO2 handguns will work just fine.
- I am not worried if you also suggest another rifle that replaces the P90 i picked, go ahead and suggest it.
- I carefully shoot my gun at targets, so the range and accuracy is more important than volume of BB fired.
- I wear prescription glass, so i need the eye protection that accepts it.

Thanks for reading and answering it.


3 Choices :
- ICS L85 A2
- Classic Army Steyr A2 Proline
- Tar-21 or Tavor, i dont know which brand i could trust.

- Bonus : Sidearm : a P226 of best quality or best brand if i snagged a nice deal in Classifields.

- ESS Land Ops Googles

- The rest, i will pick at JT's Paintball store ( dont even try your luck at store online, they dont sell there. Just physical :P ).

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