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1. I play paint ball at panther, and it's right on the boarder between Canada and US in the whiterock area. I live in surrey so that's not hard to get to.

Fields I know that has airsoft:
Aumbush (expensive, can bring own bb)
Panther ($10 entry but must use field bb)
Richmond Indoor paintball/airsoft (every 2 weeks, but requires really damn low fps guns which I find hard to get, I only can use my pistol there)
maybe a few more don't know.

I bought an Echo1 ak700, still in transit (just switched from paintball to airsoft cause of the price of the balls are ridiculous $10/100balls I can't play that, it chews through my wallet because of games that allow respawn) Seems alright. HOWEVER, I really wanted an AK so I picked this up for 220 from Toronto airsoft, anything in Vancouver is EXPENSIVE I didn't find any place for cheap. Also bought a KJW M9 metal slide for 170 from buyairsoft cause they have a sale. along with 1 pistol mag 2 mid cap face mask (goggle and lower face) that cost me 490 (I have a AK ready vest from milsim paitnball, I used a M17 CQC which is mag fed). With an lipo battery + 3 more mags + gungas adapter + imax b6ac that would be another 130 ish. Which is not bad, I like mid caps because no stupid looking high cap mag winding.

However, have a look on Craigslist! I found a G&G raider that's 100 bucks...Aks are really over priced on Craigslist in Vancouver..that's why I ordered one brand new..and still cheaper.
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