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If you insist on either of those two, I can say they are most likely identical mechanically, the same gun but with different stocks. It makes no difference which, just choose whichever one feels best to you, neither of them will perform very well out of the box.
As someone who jumped in with a low end bolt action at first, I can say that they are an enormous handicap and usually little better than glorified crappy tire spring guns. They don't shoot significantly farther or more accurately than a starter AEG and the higher power doesn't actually buy you much range, it just hurts more.
Even if you get a good rifle and get very skilled with it, you won't be able to use it all the time. You will find that for most skirmishes it takes longer for you to set up a good firing position and line up a perfect shot than it does for the enemy to just call their hits and run back to where they were on the field.
That's not to say you can't play as a scout, far from it! Nobody says you can't play recon with an AEG, your biggest weapons will be your eyes and ears anyways. Look into camouflage (ghillie suits are helpful but not useful under all circumstances), a two way radio and headset (gathering intelligence from the front is no use if you have to run all the way back to deliver the news in person!), and perhaps binoculars with a long enough eye relief to look through with goggles on.
Airsoft is where expensive things go to die.
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