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Need help on buying IMAX B6AC - SOLVED


Hi everyone,

I just bought a Echo1 Ak700 and a KJW elite M9 with metal slide, but now need some help on buying the IMAX B6AC because I have a few questions about this charger. I read one of the stickies that said this is probably one of the best chargers out there, but at the same time, I find it really hard to find one that is not fake!..

So I hopped onto Google and searched for a while. Some says Genuine and still fake, which really sucks. (had to rely on reviews from other people, poor guys who got scammed.)

So I landed on hobbykings this (link) charger.

Even tho it says genuine I can't trust it 100%, so I'm hoping if anyone here bought one from them can tell me if they are real.

Also could anyone help me with a connector that can connect the IMAX b6ac to a mini tam connector to charge my battery? Cause I heard that it doesn't come with a mini tam connector which would render it useless to me.It's a 9.6v 1600mah. I want this charger cause I might switch over to Lipo later, but also keep the Nimh batteries as backups


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