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To be fair, especially as someone new to airsoft, I don't think it's unreasonable to have thought that an airsoft gun for sale on might, you know, ship to ".ca". I'm not sure where you saw that they are shipping from California (I did look), but that is very helpful, thank you. I guess I'll need to find a Canadian distributor that sells it. For some reason it seems to be out of stock all over Canada.

I will work on getting Age Verified.

In all seriousness, Drake, you might want to tone down the attitude. I don't particularly care if you think my questions merit your snarky tone, but if you found them too troublesome to answer, why answer in the first place? Ah, right, because we are on the internet and your familiarity with a system to which I am a newcomer makes you feel like a big boy, huh? Ah, the internet =).

Thanks for the help, guys.
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