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MB01 or MB05?

Well as the title above says, I'm wondering as to what the general opinion is here from you guys.

The MB01 and MB05 by WELL

I've been gaming for awhile and have recently decided to foray into the deep end that is the recon/sniping role. I've spoken with a few friends and they recommended that perhaps I should ask other enthusiasts on this forum. Are there any of you whom may may had experience with both of these rifles and may be willing to share your thoughts?

Before my head gets lopped off prematurely, I'd like to mention that I am aware that there are better brands and models to look at, as well as the necessity to upgrade and polish off these to optimize what I can out of them. I'm just looking into getting a novice rifle with the intention to explore whether or not I would enjoy the role of a recon/sniper. Looking for something that I wouldn't need to be a huge investment and with the idea in the back of my head that if it doesn't work out I would still have something that I would be happy to mount on the wall as decoration. Having read up on a lot of reviews as well as what needs to be done to make them decent, these two models seem to fit my needs. With that said once more I would like to ask for your thoughts on these two makes.

Thanks ahead of time for any experiences you may be able to share.
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