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A new player (if that is the case) with a hot gun is a recipe for a confrontation. Please take the good advice given and downgrade, or at least find out the field rules ahead of time.

Please don't think I'm attempting to pile on, but it seems like you are relatively inexperienced (forgive me if that's not the case) so I'll share again what little I've learned in my first year of airsofting. There is a big difference in perception vs reality - I bought guns and gear after watching airsoft videos online without stepping foot on a field. It was a lot different than what I expected, mainly that regardless of gun you can't shoot as far as you think and that airsoft guns really aren't precision weapons (especially outdoor with wind and cover).

The tuning necessary to make an AEG into a semi only DMR would be a waste honestly. Especially if you're just starting up. Go to a game with a plain old AEG, maybe a rental and go from there.
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