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Originally Posted by DMR13 View Post
Is a semi only on an M4 platform with 450 FPS considered as a sniper rifle? Will this gun be allowed in most games? If it's semi it isn't really considered as an AEG. Thoughts? thanks !

AEG means it's electric and has no bearing on it being semi or full auto (TM had a semi-only PSG-1 AEG, for example).

Most games don't have special rules for DMRs.

Those that do require the non-bolt action gun to be mechanically locked in semi (i.e., just putting in semi isn't enough). AEG mechboxes are, by default, full auto (the semi comes from a bit of trickery to get it to stop shooting after one shot, but you could break a part in the mechbox and it would be stuck in full auto; the opposite is not true). Aside from having a semi-only mechbox (like the PSG-1) you'd pretty much need to use a mosfet that had a semi-only option. That's assuming they have special rules for DMRs to begin with (as said, most do not).

DMR rules, when present, are usually somewhere between bolt action and AEG, not the full 450 fps.

Even if it was the full 450fps, the extra 50 fps has a negligible performance gain on most AEGs (and cheap bolt actions, too). Snipers do a lot of upgrading to their rifles to get them to perform, way more than just upping the muzzle velocity: they benefit from the extra FPS because the underlying platform can put it to good use. Conversely, just taking a stock AEG and upping the power to 450 fps won't do much except injure people more. And given that your limit on a DMR would likely be 430 fps, all else being equal on the gun your actual gains in terms of effective range would only be about 5-10 feet. Going from 380 fps to 449 fps doesn't magically turn you into 1337 5n1p0r. Sorry.

tl;dr: no, your gun will not be allowed at most (virtually all) games.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
No it won't, downgrade your gun if you want to use it, especially as a newcomer.
Pretty much the best advice you got so far.
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