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There's games at Panther like phloudernow said, but they usually happen every week. They're ran either by Panther themselves (Panther drop in's) or Omega Ops (check the Omegaops forums for games), though this week seems to be a bit of an exception with a bunch of guys at Op Iceback. Just googlemap Panther paintball for address, its sorta in the middle of nowhere, pretty close to the border (driving there is a bit of a pain by Vancouver standards...)

There's also Ambush, which is a bit closer than Panther (haven't played there) but that's about it for "local" fields.

You can check the AirsoftGear facebook calendar for games as well, usually has all the airsoft games/related events up on there.

No airsoft group/club at SFU, SFSS probably wouldn't approve it either; don't think the UBC group is that active either.
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