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In all honesty most airsoft guns have the same sort of range/accuracy out of the box, pic a gun you like, buy a good quality inner barrel, and a flat, bridge or rhop type of hope up rubber and some good bb's in .28-.32g and thatll be about the best range youll get. Regardless of.if you buy an mp5k or an m14.
a bolt action (once fully upgraded and once you have a lvl2 certification so u can run 500fps) will have beter range and accuracy but you will be limited by rate of fire and engagement distances.
but any gun in the 350-400fps range with a simaler quality barrel, hop up and bb's will have about the same range and accuracy.
a TM is a quality gun and the plastic bodies on them are about the best u can get, but it will need a bunch of internal upgrades right out of the box. (spring, bushings (most likely), piston, then while yer in there u may as well do gears too) to bring it up to 350-400fps plus a good inner and hop up. Omce u go full metal the m14 is a prety heavy gun to lug around. An m4/m16 type gun can shoot just as well and be alot easier to lug around. Echo1 and JG are decent cheaper brands, can get plastic and metal bodies on em. even cyma is decent (at least i know their mp5's are) vfc makes a really mice 416 (its like an m4 sort of) but its a lil more money then yer average aeg. No matter whatcha buy youll need to do a lil work, some more than others and yer luck may vary but opening it up, checking the lube and shimming and aoe are always a good idea, throwin in a sorbo pad, a good piston (if the stock one sucks) same with the piston head, and the barrel and hop up and youll be good. Ive got jg/echo1 m4 style guns that soot as good as high end guns, and can even keep up with ptw's, even my.mp5k shooting 310fps has great range and accuracy, all have good hop ups, good barrels and good airseal for consistancey.
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