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I'm going DMR and have questions about it.

I'm new to airsoft and I've seen so many posts about people wanting to get a sniper and I wanted one at first but as you don't have a significant range advantage I am no longer inclined to play as a sniper and instead switched to DMR. I like how I can upgrade the gun and gain a range and accuracy advantage while maintaining a good rate of fire.

Now my main question is what should I get as my starter primary. As this is my first gun I would prefer to avoid difficult upgrades so I'm interested in guns with good out of the box accuracy. I've heard really good things about the TM M14 and I'm a fan of the look of the SOCOM M14 but not too thrilled with the plastic body. I've also heard that the M4 and M16 have a lot of internal upgrades available. As I'm not age verified yet I'm not looking for any specific places to buy them yet just makes and models of quality starters.
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