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Downgrading Gearbox V3 spring


Planning to downgrade my G36 spring since it's firing too hot for a local CQB arena. I have an M100 spring ready to go into the gear box. While I am at it, or soon after, I would like to shim and re-grease my gearbox.
Wondering if these guides correctly instruct on the process:

V3 Taking apart:
V3 Mechbox Spring Upgrade

Specific to G36 disassemble:
How To Disassemble a Version 3 Gearbox

Ak V3 diagram

Airsoft Tech Talk: How To Shim A Gearbox

G36 specific shimming
Shimming g36

I am familiar with precision work and disassembling/reassembling complex setups (CPU, Auto, electrical). Just wondering if any Winnipegers have local sources for shims, oil/grease (what brand) etc. Any extra tips would be helpful.
Don't expect anyone to watch/read all these, just recognize useful/key ones, or suggest others.

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