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Hey DarkAura.
I think we share the same tastes in rifles .
For the FAMAS, there are Youtube videos out there that show you how to mod M4 mags to feed into the Famas. A FAMAS would be my first choice rifle, but I'm kind of hesitant about Cybergun.
The UAR, I've heard some good things about the rifle, but the company that makes them has a shaky reputation (A.P.S. = A Piece of Sh*t). I personally don't know, as I only own a JG G36C, but that's what reviews say.
A TAR would be awesome, but would require modding in order for it to have a long life. There's another thread dedicated to that here:
Anyways, let me know which one you choose (you seem to be leaning towards the UAR), but review and PICS please!
Many thanks.
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