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I have pretty much had every type of bull pup and even created one... I am contemplating selling soon

Here are my opinions

-TM AUG - did not like the Aug Mags and the feel of it

-RS Type 97 - Awesome gun - scope sits a bit high so no cheek weld but you can make a cheek rest if inclined... I polar Stared mine now... but RS as an AEG is AWESOME 2 Ran mine with G&P 11.1 Lipo and was Great out of the box Heavy gun too

- TM P90 - Nice but Mags are a Pain in the Arse long don't fit mag pouches well bla bla bla. there is a kit for M4 Mags but you can only use high caps so meh...

- APS UAR - have that now and polar stared it Nice gun a bit aug like but not as long in the back and no crazy hang grip thing... all the mag releases are awesome... have to mod the gun a bit to accept mid and low caps though... easy to do takes 2 min with a dremmel and done...

- L85 - Nice gun BUT heavy as hell (don't go L86) no use it is a few inches longer inner but well no point in a box mag for bull pup unless you fire from the hip...
Nice trigger system (electronic no ark )

-Tavor - Nice gun but a bit large in the back. handle grip was a bit weird but all in all a good gun stock...

I built a bull pup out of a KC02... I modded the RJF ZK22 body for the KJW KC02 nice gun but may sell this one in a week or so just not getting use out of it now and I don't like wall hangers....

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