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Good grab, and I don't mean to seem personally critical (I've ordered things from you before and found your business/ service to be top-notch A++), but this video is bunk from a tech perspective.
Indulge me;

1. Notice the reinforced areas of prime contact-
The front pin, rear mating point for the buffer tube, and mating area for the pistol grip (already quite different from AS counterparts) are... reinforced. These were prime areas for out-and-out failure on the plain clear plastic models.

2. Settings and fitment on a decent RS AR will be far more precise than that of an AS AR and thereby problems with floor pin alignment can and will be avoided with any reasonable level of precaution, resulting in an elimination of floor pin alignment related fractures.

3. Snake Oil clause: Any device designed to be utilized by a real weapon system is going to be engineered and fabricated to endure such exact and unforseen complications. Any AS part is not. These guys researched and tested the hell out of this unit before committing to the video, and if they didn't, they're both moronic and lucky.

4. Following that, most problems with clear lowers were a result of inherent defect points in molds etc, rather than the materials used on their own.

5. In a properly functioning Armalite-based system, as much force as mechanically possible is transferred directly into the shoulder via straight-line gas tube -> direct impingement bolt -> recoil buffer.
That is a straight line of force moving rearward with few (though present) opportunities for force to 'bleed' into the remainder of the system via sympathetic rattle etc.
Airsoft guns are rather the opposite, where in both AEGs and GBBs, the larger portion of their energy as felt by the greater object is moving forward, outside of an effective straight line (being hinged on a disconnected center axis), towards the front of the gun (via piston/ bolt return). However miniscule in comparison to a RS firearm, this force (especially when not 'grounded' to the rest of the system) wreaks havok on structural parts.

6. Standing erect, with good posture, does not replicate the torque and wide range of uncontrolled movements and (potential) damaging forces a clear lower may endure over the course of it's gaming lifetime.

I've been through a few of these. I've fixed or passed on too many.
The materials required to manufacture a transparent/ translucent lower most certainly have the necessary impact strength to defer certain forces in certain directions, but offer neither the broad rigidity of metal, nor the flexibility of opaque nylon polymers to hold up to serious gaming.

Sorry, there's a reason we dumped them, and the proof's in the pudding.

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