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I'd hold off on optics until you got a feel for the gun, I've recycled money through a couple now and I'm still not 100% convinced on my setup so my advice is run iron sights for a bit.

For charger I recommend the IMAX B6AC, will charge anything you need. I don't recommend an 11.1v lipo right out of the box on a lower-end gun as you'll put too much stress on the internals, 11.1v is good on higher-end setups that can take the additional abuse. 7.4v lipo should be fine.

As for the gun specifics can't give advice there...
Maybe I will do just that. Save myself some money up front and just go irons for the first while. Hell, I still need to get goggles, a mesh facemask (yes I'll be getting one, personal preference.... I like my teeth), the bbs and the batt and charger.

I've heard about the IMAX B6AC. Now, I know I'm not age-verified, so your response to this question may be limited... but can I find an IMAX B6AC charger and good batteries in the classifieds here?

One good thing about getting in to this sport is that I already have a full set of USA-army issue MARPAD-type pants and shirt, proper boots, and a modular tac vest with a pouch. I bought it for paintball (when I didn't even have a marker or plans for one, it was just to be used whenever I went out paintballing), on a whim, to look 1337 when I was younger and dropped about 150-200 on it. At least now I'll already have those parts to work with. :lol:
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