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Originally Posted by daishi View Post
I really hope you are working in the oil sands or something.....
On that note, is anyone here at Suncor Firebag? If my days off and what not work out maybe you can meet me. And BTW Daishi, not everyone makes crazy money in the sands (I'm one of them, because I don't have enough experience yet) and some who do seem to go broke by the time they're on their next rotation and have to bum cigs off everyone (probably all the blackjack and hookers).

And OP, just get one platform. It's easy and you'll be ready to rock and roll for whatever scenario and/or game you may find yourself at.

That said, I'm kind of an idiot and now I have like 3 AR's (one is in pieces waiting to be built up but I have no time) and a GBBR AK so don't do what I tell you if you don't want to cause I'd be a hypocrite to tell you to just get one rifle and focus on one loadout.
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