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Thanks for the suggestion, but yeah, we require a dedicated server. We outgrew shared hosting awhile ago, and the site is still growing quite fast.

7 days of downtime had nothing to do with their network really, it was down for 7 days because the old server was toast, and we migrated. Technically there was nothing wrong with old server or the connection, just the idiots handling the hardware. I don't have those concerns at theplanet, they've already proven they can take care of business, quickly and effeciently. Previous to that, their downtime was minutes at a time, if that. But I can't really trust the guys with the keys, so I decided to go elsewhere...

We push around 200GB per month, 3-4 million clicks. Grows a few % per month, though.

Originally Posted by Tahna Los
Quick question, how reliable is their support?

And how much traffic does this site generate? How big is it?

I know of a host that can provide very good service, downtime for them is measured in minutes, not days. Worst downtime I've seen them have is for 5 hours and that was a pretty bad problem they had.

I ask about bandwidth and size because they are more of a community based server and they usually prefer smaller sites that don't mind sharing a server with other accounts. You can visit them at

The only reason I say this is because 7 days of downtime is excessive. And judging by what was mentioned, those guys at your older provider have the combined IQ of an earthworm, if an Earthworm even had IQ. If the site requires its own dedicated server, then yeah, I will understand. In fact, Futurequest will TELL you that they think you should go get a dedicated server......

Just my 0.02 cents. I just think this downtime is excessive as well as unacceptable (not to you but to those sub-amoeba guys at your old host).
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