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Originally Posted by DarkAura View Post
Yeah, I'm most definitely looking for a carbine. Don't get me wrong, I love the P90, and in the future when I've played the game for a while I'll probably end up owning one. For now though I want the versatility of the carbine-type bullpup guns.

Sad to hear about the FAMAS. It's a gorgeous gun. And ambidextrous. Is there any way to convert the TAR-21 so that the Mode selector and cocking mechanism is on the right side of the gun? I shoot left-handed.
Had an ares tar 21, (lots of issues) but switching to lefty is easy. trick is to use one of these, or something similar to hold it in place from inside the grip while you unscrew and turn around the selector switch. the ejection port cover just pops out and back in on the other side. The cocking lever can be switched but I can't remember how easy/hard it is. I never bothered with the port cover or the cocking lever, just the switch so i wouldn't bump it with my hand.

Had a p90, and an aug as well. Best bull pup for me is the Magpul pts pdr.
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