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brass is not so much "inferior" so much as it scratches a bit easier and is significantly more susceptible to CORROSION
In terms of immediate performance, brass has not proven to be inferior

The contact points are just one more way to try to position the BB to get the hop rubber directly over head, and impart a perfectly vertical backspin on it.
I can't say for sure since I haven't tried one, BUT, I figure you won't see much improvement over a conventional setup.
Fact is, if a hop rubber is off center, it's going to be off center whether the BB is perfectly centered in the barrel or not. And the BB is going to become perfectly centered by the backspin and air pressure forcing it down the barrel.
That being said, I'd really like to see one work. There's no substitute for field testing!

Sorry Rusty, wasn't trying to start something, but this is a thread about proven points. If you've got a reason for something, back it up with your conclusions! I thought you were making a "my fish was this big" statement lol
However, the swing of the market doesn't help your findings. If the twist barrel was really an improvement, I've reason to believe more companies would have jumped on board by now.
What fps are you using that twist barrel at?

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