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Originally Posted by MattyMcGregz View Post
Sorry, but I will never get FB again, for anything. It stupid and all bull. I hate it, and the dick that sold out his website. Ill never be on that website again. I sent a message to a AV in my area, just waiting to hear back.
I haven't checked the MB list in some time, but the last time I saw it more of our guys are MIA. Find King or Priest(may be on holidays), and maybe Slow. That will cover a huge portion of south MB to suite your location.
Edit:King isn't listed.
but a whole bunch of those guys are inactive ATM

Take Cliff's advice and go to the shops. TBD and XT are relatively close together and you can stop off for a game at XT to try out a small selection of rentals. They have all the standard variants and some pistols.

I have a gut feeling I've met you recently

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