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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Hunters shoot their rifles with scopes. Very difficult to hit the kill zone on a deer at 100 yards without a scope. Regardless if you check your target or not, but looking through a scope, you would be deliberate killing a human target because that is what you will see in the scope!

Does the pic below look like a deer or bigfoot?
I know guys who used to take down big game up to and including 800 meters (yes, that is 1/2 mile, or the distance across a standard 160 acre field) without a scope. My father was one of them. Me, not a chance.

In the bush, it is often hard to identify targets, the COs know this, and they deliberately set traps to ensnare hunters who don't ID. Some of the decoys had hundreds of strikes.

Clearly, you have never been hunting.

BTW, at a lever shoot a couple of years ago, I shot 5/5 in the heart (5" group) on a deer target at 100 metres with my 30.30, and I had not shot that gun in 25 years. Open sights, easy shot, I could have done it at 200 metres no problem.
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