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New to Competitive Airsoft

Well, first off. I used to have a decent AEG. (Canadian C8 Assault Rifle) And I was really proud of it! Until it broke. This lead me to sell my tac-vest and some other accessories. But I have looked back at that, and now I regret it. But, now I have a job, so I can begin purchasing new and better airsoft equipment than before! (After I finish building my Gaming PC of course, which is 2-3 months away from completion) But, I should be buying everything, in time for the next airsoft season! (if that's a thing and people take a break during the winter) But, I need some help on purchasing new things, and finding what equipment will suit me best! but, Keep in mind that I won't be buying this stuff for some time now! And I'd eventually like to have around 2-3 different 'loadouts' That I could change before an op to suit different scenarios. (Different environment, long range, CQB, stealth, etc) I'd also like to have alot of different attachments wo suit these needs aswell! But, I can't look myself, because I don't really know what I'm looking for! Anyways, just PM me if you want to work with me and help me choose my gear!

Thanks in advance!

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