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So what the HELL just happened?

Wow, well that was a pretty rough week. No, it wasn't your computer, Tru wasn't arrested, I didn't fly to the Bahamas, and Meat hasn't gone native (ok, he's still wearing animal skins and war tats, but he's getting to work on time and he's stopped yelling so much). So what the hell happened? Well for starters you should know we've moved out NY, and we're now located in Dallas, Texas. Why, well, read on...

Short story: a tech support guy at the old server data center has birdfood for brains and managed to fry the OS on the server while adding some RAM. Flipped them the bird and moved the site to Texas.

Long story: a tech support guy at the old server data center has birdfood for brains and managed to fry the OS on the server while adding some RAM, couldn't figure out the problem, then just blamed me for modifying the kernel (operating system, if you will), which was just bs. Then for 2 days support techs at the data center and my reseller tried to correct the mistake, and made it worse, and worse, and worse. Midgetspy can attest to the mess they left behind when we finally got access to the server again. In fact, they couldn't even load up one of the hard drives, they just said "gotta format it". After trying a few different things, Arnie from ArniesAirsoft logged on and in 2 minutes he was able to fix what 2 groups of support technicians couldn't fix for 2 days. Well, that was a sign to me that we were dealing with some pretty sub-standard help, and even if we DID get the server online, I just didn't trust them not to screw it up again.

So Tuesday night I finally threw the towel in and started looking for a new host. Mid way through Wednesday I found a hosting package with in Texas that would suit our needs, and they got the order processed and server online in less than 4 hours from getting my payment. Not only that, but everything works. I couldn't say the same for the old server when I received it.

I'm not sure if we'll notice the difference yet, but this server is considerably more powerful than the old one, (3.2Ghz HT vs XP 2.0Ghz). It's not as cheap as the last place, bt the support level is alot higher - it just means, more raffles! I gotta say thanks to all the donors, as embarassing as it was that this happened right after the last raffle ticket sold, it also couldn't have come at a better time - I had the means to move on to a new server right away, thanks guys, it really makes a huge difference.

So, sorry about the downtime. I think it's a record for ASC. But the site runs fine, even the server ran fine, just can't predict the effects of human stupidity sometime. Thanks to Midgetspy and Arnie for helping me get things running again, and ThePlanet for having the best customer service I've run into for awhile (we'll see about their network speed in the next few weeks).

I think that about covers it... if you find something isn't working properly, let me know.


FTP Accounts for all supporters will have to be setup again. I haven't lost your files, I just need to recreate the account.
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