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DEVILS ADVOCATE HERE: Not to defend their actions by posting these on an Airsoft related website commenting that they were from an American Airsoft Operation they attended and were required to take as part of the game. But why when this was a requirement from an American Airsoft Operaton, ran by American players, with over 160 players in attendance, 150+ of which had these photos taken as a part of the game. Is there so much hate and resentment towards these two? If you feel so strongly, then you should have tracked down the game hosts (Americans some of whom are active and retired from the US military services) should you have not? And asked why they were taking these photos.

My grandparents and several other family members, much like many many others fought in the world wars to defend the freedoms to do what you wish. They fought for the right to burn your nations flag, they fought to keep us safe, they fought to keep hitler and others like him out of power, they fought so that you could sleep soundly in the knowledge that you were safe. So if you can do all that, whats wrong with a photo? Seriously. It is a photo from a game. Hell BF4, COD and not to mention all the fictional movies out there depict this and far worse day in and out over and over again.

Disagree with me if you like, that is your right and freedom to do so.
Was it in good taste to post? Maybe, maybe not.
Was it their right to do so in a free country? Yes.
Was this right given to them by soldiers of the past who have fought for freedom? Yes.
Do you do nothing wrong ever? Probably not, because I have not seen any saints or angels running around.
Would I ever post a photo like this? Honestly I do not know.

Why were these two singled out? Because the member who sent this to funkers hates them personally, and knew the war machine here would lash out and single them out. There is posts and comments in here calling for them to be dragged to combat and killed (not directly but read between the lines and use common sense and that is the gyst of the comments). A soldier who lives by the code of conduct I know my grandfather and his brothers and many other family members who have served would yes possible feel some anger, but at the same time defend their freedom to do so. They did serve to give them that right.

Never forget that.
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