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Originally Posted by kolumbo69 View Post
ATT Funker FB Followers:

It has come to our attention that some photos we posted have been greatly exaggerated and taken out of context without our consent.

These photos were part of an embedded military simulation exercise that we attended in the United States. Part of the experience was to go through the same in-processing as the military does which includes profile photos. The simulation event itself, was hosted by ACTIVE US ARMY individuals along with retired veterans of several global conflicts. All 160 attendees of this event had photos taken which included approx. 150 Americans, (again both active and retired military).

Let us make it perfectly clear that these photos ARE NOT DeathsHand Airsoft's attempt at a joke or implied disrespect to anyone or friend/family of military KIA, MIA or other. We were simply taking part in a military simulation and these photos were just 1 small element of it which also included blank fire, pyro, and COP construction.

Please be aware that 3 members of DeathsHand airsoft are also retired CF and UK military themselves and have personal connections of their own friends who have been lost on tours in Iraq and Bosnia. We are mindful of real vs. simulation and understand the difference.

We regret any misrepresentation our photos have caused and all 7 members of DeathsHand Airsoft formally apologize for any personal emotions they may have caused. Thank you to our 2000+ followers who know us and how we truly respect the military, and thank you as well to all the new followers and posts to bring this matter to our attention. We will post more carefully going forward.

Kind regards,

-Deathshand Airsoft
So then I figure this is also just a misunderstanding:

Issuing ranks: check.
Making up and issuing challenge coins: check
Hero pictures: check.
Straight up lack of respect for war and warriors: check.

Kinda like GMR but replace the cocaine with ignorance.

This is why I don't tell folks at work that I play airsoft.

PS: Feel free to post that screenshot to Funker since this shit is going no where near my Facebook.
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