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Super Not Cool: Taking fake "death pics"

So I don't trumpet being a vet really ever, but I wanted to bring something up that is in my books, "super not cool".

That being, taking fake "pre deployment photos" dressed as Canadian Forces personnel before attending airsoft games;

As seen in the link above, these two "gentlemen" thought it would be cool to shoot some "predeployment" photos in Canadian gear. Commonly known in the CF as "death photos", these pics are taken of every member deploying overseas. When one stands in front of that camera and poses for that photo, you know it's that photo that will be splashed on the news in the case of your untimely demise, the one your parents, wife, girl whatever will have to stare at on television as the news you're not coming home sinks in.

What these two fellows did was completely without consideration for actual soldiers; remember this is a game, don't take it so seriously that you are posing for these photos or having "promotion ceremonies" (which I have also seen before in airsoft...*sigh).

On a lighter note, these tools couldn't even do it right as the flag is never flown 90 degrees askew...

That's all, /rant. Keep your shots downrange everyone.
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