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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
a ghillie can help with bugs to an extent, two of the four i have are built on bug proof mesh, i treated em with permethrin (or however u spell it) that being said posting up the the veil down will normally net you a bunch of fog and lower your ability to observe things by obstructing your vision even if fog isnt an issue, you will have bugs in your ear, up your nose ect.. especially when yer laying or kneeling in the swamp (often this will be the best place to be conceled, or at least the safest route to bound) a well seasond/weathered ghillie even without being treated for bugs will keep em away to an extent but u will smell hella bad so expect your friends/teammates to make wet dog/wookie jokes when u roll into base wearin it lol.
come to a game at finch field u can smell what im talkin about. If your ghillie is attracting bugs, id suggest u stop washing it with mango tango detergent lol (bit of an inside joke, my buddies girl washed his chest rig and bdu with mango tango crap and we could smell him 100meters away, and the bugs loved him lol)
Lol bet he'll never live that one down but I prefer coconut myself ;-) if my ghillie is good enough to make those jokes about I know I'm doing it right.
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