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Originally Posted by Knoxville450 View Post
Thunder cactus, I mean all due respect when I say that your opinion on this subject is pretty twisted.

I don't understand what this has to do with airsoft.
People do drive by shootings with paintball guns frequently. People get killed and disabled by baseball bats all the time. I can't tell you how many thousands of windows have been broken by baseballs.
Hasn't had any effect on their sports, so why would someone using sporting goods outside their context affect our sport?

So someone robs a store with a fake gun that shoots pellets. So what. Nobody was actually in any real danger, and the only person at risk of serious bodily harm is the guy with the fake gun.
I can tell you I FOR SURE would rather be held up with an airsoft gun than a real gun.
So despite what retarded acts people perform with airsoft guns, the fact is they're using it outside it's intended purpose. They're not putting anyone at serious risk of injury outside of shooting someones eye. And they're being punished for it.
So I don't see why anyone would have their panties in a bunch over this.
Everything that has to do with firearms has to do with your sport, every gun related incident effects this hobby in one way or another. Everyone please do your part to promote the hobby and always be respectful to new players, law enforcement and the general public because you never know when this whole thing could get shut down
Knoxville, TC's opinion is actually more intellectually charged than your amateur position is capable of grasping right now.
Its because of the efforts and responsible husbandry of ASC toward the airsoft community in Canada that Airsoft has grown to include so many new Airsoft enthusiasts as yourself.
The Airsoft Hobbyists that have demonstrated responsible use and ownership and set internal policies to help prevent criminal and negligent use of the airsoft guns. Its not the object that's the problem, its the person employing it. We've shown a decade of fantastic benefits and a growing community of positive experiences.
Being respectful is bang on, but if things get shut down, I doubt its going to be because of what this community has done. There's not much we can do about idiots with Pellet rifles. Implying that they are a part of this community is counter productive. I hope you can figure that out, with all due respect.
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