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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
Some are great, like unissued Tulas.
Most, however, are garbage. But they're garbage that works.
Just like real AKs.
Not quite, there's a MASSIVE difference in quality.

A Tula AK is a good AK. Sure, from time to time, you might get one that's FUBAR, but it's beyond rare.

You will NEVER get a factory stock CYMA that ISN'T pot/monkey metal.

Synard, I suggest you listen to the LCT suggestions, ignore the rest.

The only other 74 I'd be willing to give a shot to these days would be the E&L
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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