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Yes. Not Blue Ribbon, but not shabby by any means.
You can run run confidently (with the appropriate spring) until it breaks, and then just about any aftermarket part should drop right in.
They're also the Barbie doll of Airsoft guns externally, so any mods you might wish to make (fancy rail kits etc) should take little to no work to accomplish (still do your research though).

KA M4s have the potential to be great guns as upgrade platforms, and pretty much everybody does or should have one kicking around their closet as a backup/ loaner/ project gun because of their price point and good parts fitment.

The specific gun you linked looks like an HK 416 though, can anyone give us specific information on those?

Edit: Ricochet beat me. VFCs are tits. Good enough to make most players real happy out of the box, and very, very nice to work in.
$400-$500 would have bought you a King Arms 4-5 years ago, VFCs were things that 40 year olds with lax wives and 20something oil workers owned lol.

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