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whatever you choose though, make sure you can carry water, one way or another. Do not take the field without having at least a bottle with you. My belt rig doesn't have it, but the field I was at is set up such that it's not a huge distance away from the safezone so I could get access to water. On top of that, I did lug my upper rig onto the field and left it in a safe spot so I could at least take a drink while respawning.

never leave water behind.
Just wanted to emphasize this. The safezone at my regular field is also very far from the action. I've seen other players run into this problem - either not bringing water at all or leaving it where they can't get at it.

Bring 3x more water than you think you'll need and have some with you at all times. My chest rig doesn't have any room for water, and I don't have a hydration carrier (yet) so I carry around a water bottle in my dump pouch.
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