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Looking for an AK!!

I have no idea whyyyy. Just kinda wanna pick one up as a backup rifle. I'm not the type of guy who wants a cheap gun either. I want a mid-high quality AK if I can get one. I really like the black, full metal AK74 style. Really looking to put some money into it as well. I'm seeing a lot of Echo1 AKs but I'm not sure of the quality. I like the Echo1 ak700 and their redstar ak74 as well. But I've heard of the crap internals. Like I said I'm willing to upgrade anyways. But the less I have to swap out the better. This would all be completely new to me as I'm an m4/V2 gearbox kinda guy

Also NOT looking for retailers. I can find those. Just some helpful info on good brands and models
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