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I think you would have to truthfully answer this question. Would you be eager to go to a milsim with out a weapon of any kind? Would you go if you knew you were there merely to observe, wander around, be shot, wander around some more, get shot some more, repeat?
You have to really understand what type of player you are, and whether you have the patience and discipline to go entire games without taking a shot. Unless you have a well tuned weapon, the only advantage a bolt action has over any other gun on the field is its reliability. Other than that, you’re at a disadvantage on a lot of levels. However, because you can’t rely on firepower with a bolt action, you have to use fieldcraft, stealth, patience, and creativity to get the jump on the enemy. This will make you a better player, and gives you the ability to succeed in battle no matter what weapon you have, as you don’t rely on its shooting ability, but rather your own abilities. I started into airsoft with a bolt action which I had shooting under 400FPS so I didn’t have to worry as much about MEDs while I got used to playing. After 2 years, I upgraded and got myself a Canadian tire springer pistol. I now have a GBBR as well, but the bolt action remains my favourite. Going the bolt action route can be a very satisfying game style if you go into it with the right attitude, and play safe.


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