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I've never used a ghillie, but had a lot of success just relying on positioning, using concealment, and just avoiding people's peripheral. I also preferred the added mobility, manitoba was pretty dense underbrush, so a ghillie would get tangled and caught in everything fairly quickly. Plus there was enough deadfall and underbrush to hide without the need for extra camo.
Mind you, you really have to know how to hunt to get that right.
It's been my experience that a stationary ghillie, *in the right environment* will be very invisible, but you take it just slightly out of it's element and it stands out. Especially when you're moving faster than a cat crawl, it's a big mass that's moving.

I highly recommend trying it without the ghillie first, then getting a ghillie later on when you know what environment you want to use it in. Or not, if you're comfortable and effective at just avoiding detection on your own!
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