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A good sniping platform will need to be upgraded and will run around 800-1000$ when done. Next, you need a good ghillie suit. Not the cheap crap sold everywhere. You need a custom one, like you see in my banner, so you can crawl with it and adapt it on the fly to your surrounding.

Then you need skills, luck patience and a good dose of endurance.

Stalking take time, effort, pain and balls. A lot of people botch the stalking part and just run in the action. They fail as a sniper, even with 2000$ worth of gear.

Noob snipers are useless. They get frustrated, want kills and make bad judgement calls with a hot rifle. That is a perfect recepy for bad injuries.

A headshot with a 450fps rifle, shooting .30g BB inside the 40ft MED will embed the BB in the skin.

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