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Originally Posted by Bellerophon View Post
The most important improvements are not just drop in upgrades: they are permanent modifications involving lots of cutting, drilling and sanding with huge potential for failure.
Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
build/tune time 5-50hours or more lol
Dunno what you guys are talking about, I built my VSR-10 in under 2 hours, no permanent mods, no tweaking after, performed amazing. The only extra step I took was filling the stock with expansion foam to cut the noise down.
Stay away from angel custom their stuff is complete garbage, laylax makes a great barrel but I very much prefer the PDI internals. And I used a good old fashioned firefly hop rubber. It's possible to Rhop the VSR barrels, and preferred since the AEG hop rubbers are crap for sealing compared to the VSR rubbers.
Only reason I built an air brake for my own VSR-10 was because it started getting loud due to air leaks, but never lost any accuracy.
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