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If you've played stock-class paintball (speed or woods), you pretty much know what to expect. If you've run stock-class gear in a standard or scenario game, then you'll adapt quickly.

That being said, a CCI Phantom costs 1/4 what a VSR-10 does, and everything everybody else said.

Try running an AEG, but with the precise, calculated mindset you described. Nothing says you have to clomp around with the gaggle of riflemen on your team and be another brick in the wall of bbs moving downrange.

I, for example really like being close-up sneaky wetwork guy who avoids getting involved in what the rest of my team is doing. My game is based around harassment and searching for ambitious enemy flanking maneuvers, then pinning them, fucking off, and telling somebody about it.
My MP5SD6 is built to be as quiet as possible (sorbo pad, no leaks, etc), and it can vomit bbs like anybody else's, but because of the way I play, I still only get one shot before things start to go very badly.

You've got tons of options for playstyle with an AEG, but going for a spring sniper nails you down to one very specific mode.
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