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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
tm Vsr10 4-500$ (dont bother with a clone)
laylax piston 50-80$
laylax cylender 100-150$
cylender head 30-40$
spring 25-35$
trigger sears 30-50$
hop up chamber 75-100$
inner barrel 40-140$
barrel spacers 40-60$
scope 150-500$
build/tune time 5-50hours or more lol
one sweet kill in 8-24hrs to save the asses of your teammates priceless.

a stock rifle wont be verry effective on the field a well built and tuned one (regardless of fps) will be quite effective, be prepared to spend alot of time bounding crawling through the swamp observing the enemy and relaying the info back to your team, dont expect to "one shot one kill" your way through the whole opfor (tho it does happen from time to time, especially during skirmishes) if you enjoy that sort of thing and have 1000% bucks or so to build a rifle you should have fun, i started sniping less than a year after i started playin and i love it, tho some days its a pain. Runnin round in a ghillie when its 35 outside lookin for that one good kill only for the person to not call their hit can be a pain (i mean u still log the kill but it will have no effect on the game lol)
Thanks Hectic saved me from having to recite it all.

Is it worth it?.... don't know, what is it worth to you Personally?
How much do you value the respect and gratitude of your team mates?
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