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Hey, ASC!

I've been perusing these forums for a few months now and thought I'd finally join up.

- I grew up in Hamilton and have been living in Oakville area for roughly the last 10 years
- I'm a VERY avid researcher
- I'm a civil engineering graduate and am currently finishing my undergraduate in Mathematics (my program also involves lots of programming)
- I've got a great family with, so far, only 1 daughter
- I played backfield in speedball during all open games for a few years and as such, I'm quite comfortable with supplying information to my teamates while providing covering fire and moving as a team
- Airsoft is completely new to me but I feel my paintball background will ease the transition
- I finally got my first kit setup and immensely excited to get playing this weekend

I look forward to meeting you all on the forums and out on the field!

P.S. I'm always willing to extend a helping hand with my specialities to try and improve this, so far, great community!
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