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The Scottish are coming

The only helpful input I can provide, Mutt, is to suggest you get AV'd when you get here.
Reason being that I've never bought a new airsoft gun. Every single one of my purchases has been through the classifieds here on AirsoftCanada. Not only have I never been screwed, but I've managed to obtain rather a few higher quality guns at prices my poor-ass can afford.
Just today I got a We M&P Little Bird with an obscene number of unexpected extras for only $150. It's such a great little gun that I'm surprised I can stop long enough to check my unreads on ASC.
Point being; get Age Verified, and spend a great amount of time browsing our classifieds.
You'll be putting back into ASC, getting quality at lower prices, and consider that my fellow members may be as perverted about tuning and quality as you are (I'm a chairsofter, so my opinion is merely financial, lol).
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