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Airsoft Sites where a minor (Under 18) is able to play Airsoft in Ontario

I live in the Durham region area in Canada, Ontario and I am 14 years of age and I am wondering if there are some places where minors (under 18) are allowed to play Air soft (with parent/guardian consent). I know of 1 place which allows a minor to play with parent/guardian consent all though it is a all indoor Air soft arena ( ). I just want to know if anybody knows an outdoor arena like which I am aloud to play at (I have contacted WhitbyAirsoft but they do not allow anyone under 18 even with parent/guardian consent to play). I understand that most responses will be "Wait in till your 18" and I completely understand your point of view, I just want to know if anyone knows any places where I am allowed to play because I would really like to get into Airsoft.

Thank you reading this post, really do appreciate it.

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