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what is the best M16??

I hope this is the place to ask this question....I'm new to Airsoft and because of the changes to Canadian Gun Laws, I now can add a few weapons to my Military Collection and get the level of realism that I would I do not want a clear plastic one!!

What I am looking for is a early Vietnam M16A1...not the later version with the "bird cage" flash suppressor....the "3 prong" flash suppressor is the one I'm after and I would like the best and most realistic M16A1 out there, with as much of it made from metal as possible.

Would someone kindly tell me who makes the best made M16 and if it is available in Canada???

I have a mannequin that I want to dress as a US Army Infantry Man, date line 1965....I have everything from Helmet to boots, except a really nice early style M16

Thanks in advance

PS....I am also going to need the same info on 1911A1's, Grease Guns and if there is a Paratrooper version of the M1 Carbine w/folding stock even made???


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