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Smile Question about age (apologies if this is a repost!)

Hi all! My name's Matt. For the past, oh.. 4 years or so, I've been a paintball player of the milsim/woodsball sort. Recently however, I've decided that with the addition of having to purchase car insurance (I will be obtaining my G2 license in 4 months) I can no longer afford to drop $150 every weekend to go paintballing, because paint is simply so expensive. Which brings me to the topic at hand - I've decided that I am interested in airsoft. I own a few gas pistols, mainly for target practice. But I would love to get into the sport, and play, as BBs are much cheaper to purchase, especially in large quantities.

I should mention that I am 16 years old, 17 in around 8 months. I have my minors firearms license, and I understand how to handle firearms properly and how to respect them. I have been reading on this forum, and others, and have (for the most part) understood that most people will play with a mature 16 year old (or above). I also, however understand that some people will not play with anyone under the age of majority, I.e. in most places 18.

My question is this: do you, in your own personal opinion, think I am old enough to go out and play airsoft? My local field (Flag Raiders) is where I would go as they hold open airsoft nights every Tuesday I believe, or something along those lines. They have it for 16+ and 350fps max with a .20g.

Thank you so much for any responses! Also, a side note; I apologise if this is a repost, or if this post is not in the correct category!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

- Matt
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