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Chronological, physical aging, or psychological level of functioning?

I know of many players in my own mid-40's chronological age range. I know of several that are into their 50's.

I know of very few playing in my own physical range of functioning, which for myself is somewhere in the mid-70's, due to a combination of botched hip replacements, and accelerated aging /disease processes.

Mentally.. in terms of the game, i ain't even hit puberty yet. At best, i'm operating at the 12 y/o level.

It all rounds out in the end. 8 or 80, as long as you are having a good time, good on ya.

As i said elsewhere, in an earlier thread... The Doctor had advised that i give up motorcycling, and thought i was bat-shit crazy when i mentioned airsoft 'physio'. He suggested Golf instead.

Fuck him. I ain't dead, yet.

Age, it is all just a state of mind.

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