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Actually as you're a relatively new player let me give you some advice. The longer I have played the more I veer away from look and what I want versus effectiveness and functionality. Let me explain. When I started out I had what most people had at that time, surplus BDUs (pants and tunic), mechanix gloves, industrial safety glasses, a Frankenstein AEG. also whatever was laying around which was some black combat webbing I has for hunting. After you get started though you do look to customize, especially after seeing what is out there. I thought UCP looked cool, and the heavy duty style of the Marines, so I got an Interceptor from Pointe Blank, and a bunch of other similar gear. I also bought a PTW with a big ol' scope on it.

So once you've got what you want and you've been playing for awhile you'll start to notice things. Firstly that certain gear really sucks no matter who's wearing it or how cool it looks. First thing I did was realized how badly UCP works. It's worse than Cadpat, and that's saying something. Also I noticed my gear was hot and cumbersome. I grabbed a more middle of the road/modern plate carrier, gloves that had more grip and feel in the palms, combat boots because work boots are heavy and fatiguing, and a camo pattern that actually works and not just for looks. So I built everything around my style of airsoft and to be more ergonomic.

The next phase is were you look for more specific gear that's better for the sport and you. In my case I went lighter and better functionality. Each piece, pouch, and accessory was as small, slim, light, and well distributed to make me more effective. My plate carrier became a more fast attack style, I ditched heavy drop leg platforms, all of my pouches and panels became slim,light, just big enough for the specific job they were needed for, and engineered for specifically that job. My boots and gloves got lighter and higher quality, I ditched stan-mags for P-mags for weight, got a better ergonomic pistol, and my gun got slimmer lighter and more effective. I dropped scopes for dots or minimal zoom sights, etc.

Basically airsoft is a competitive game and you'll need every edge you can get, especially if you joins team. Dreaming of sniper rifles or big sci-fi weapons, army of two/juggernaut gear, flashy camo and/or things that just look cool will set you back out on the field. Unless you play with interest groups of the same or similar mind sets and gear. Even things like a desert eagle isn't ergonomic, it might look awesome, but you'll be more effective with a more functional pistol. On and on and on. I even run M4 based weapons, not because it's my favorite platform but because it has the most parts, accessories, mods, sights, technology, gun doctors, etc, etc, available.

Build the bolter how you want, but I'd limit how much "modding" is done to the gun underneath. Unless you wish to buy other guns, but as a new player it's easy to bust your budget. It's better to have proper and comfortable load-bearing gear, footwear, eyewear, equipment, etc, instead of a bunch of guns.

As has been said, try a few games to see what you think. I'd recommending building yourself a full gamable load-out including guns, gear, equipment, and accessories so you can play versatile and then take on projects. Many players that have a skewed view of what they want to start, like sniper rifles, dump a lot of time, money, heart and soul into it only to realize it isn't working for them. Then when they have to hang it up or take a hit trying to sell it, they get discouraged and quit.

Most airsoft (80% plus) will look something like this.
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