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Ah OK I get it, i was under the impression that it was out of smugary they would laugh or not allow such a weapon but I see now its more like a reinacment of a modern battle and to use a weapon out of that flavor would deminish the experience.

On the opposite side of the same coin, new weapons are designed and built every day, new innovations and better systems (x-8, G 11, ext) so not arguing with your point but if it looked good enough (as I won't spend 20 min on it lol) why couldn't they accept it as a new weapon, say a H&K HB 115? Just a thought.
you'd have to discuss that with the game host.
if they say yeah sure its some new super awesome gun the military has been experimenting with fine.
but if they say no, its a milsim use current weapons. then you have to use a current weapon.
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