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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
Skirmish/field days? No, generally they aren't that strict. It's usually a come as you are, and run what you've brought.

Milsim? Whole different kettle of fish. 'Military Simulation', is just that.. a simulation of real world counterparts, as close as people want to get in a game.. which generally includes close guidelines on uniform and gear worn, with the expectation that weapons being carried have a counterpart in the real world, and on the same general side. There can also be restrictions on the number of SAW's/LMG's being carried on a squad basis, and requirement that they are real world SAW's/LMG's, that are acceptable to fill that role.

I applaud your idea of some creative wizardry in turning something into a fantasy gun .. whatever floats your boat. However, you need to recognize that whatever is created in the fantasy realm, may see some limitations in acceptance by others/organizers at some skirmish/field days - and by most, if not all Milsim events.

I've got my own idea for an AEG conversion, involving a surplus M14.. a Browning M2 .50cal BMG 'ma deuce' .. but i recognize first and foremost that it would have to be a very close approximation to the real-deal, to find acceptance at a Milsim, and it'd be pretty much useless to bring to the average skirmish/field day.

Ah OK I get it, i was under the impression that it was out of smugary they would laugh or not allow such a weapon but I see now its more like a reinacment of a modern battle and to use a weapon out of that flavor would deminish the experience.

On the opposite side of the same coin, new weapons are designed and built every day, new innovations and better systems (x-8, G 11, ext) so not arguing with your point but if it looked good enough (as I won't spend 20 min on it lol) why couldn't they accept it as a new weapon, say a H&K HB 115? Just a thought.
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